Helping the families to get luxury living

Because of his modest roots Marcus Hiles always tries to give back and help others through his company, Western Rim Property Services. He believes that hard work pays off and his path of life shows his struggles and low moments leading do a successful life, both personal as professional

After his studies, he returned to his hometown Texas and started his project: Western Rim project services that had as a main purpose to build affordable, but still astonishing houses for middle class families. Spreading Texas Real Estate Ideals across the Country: Marcus Hiles is dedicated to serve the society and does not care of making money like other companies.

All of his houses are built in nice areas, with good schools and a lot of job opportunities. It seems he wants to help these families not only by providing good houses but also a better life. Currently, Western Rim Property Services has also extended its services in the field of custom made properties and also management of all the properties built. This has led to huge cost savings and massive progress.

Marcus Hiles: A Caring and Ethical Real Estate Developer

He knows that for growing more as a company he needed not to focus on just money, but also on values and so he made a commitment to deliver quality houses with a good range of prices. This was his formula to success. The Western Rim Project Services update their tenants through their website about new acquisitions, developments plans or any other information that is considered useful to them.

Marcus Hiles: A Man Dedicated to Charity

Over 6 million people stay in the city of Fort Worth Texas. This city had been chosen by Marcus as the location of many of his custom made properties. He researched a lot on these areas and found out that these would be excellent location for the construction of housing estate in years to come. His company, Western Rim Property thus started building down properties in these areas. The properties catered to the needs of the family as well as the single and young professionals. During this period Marcus Hiles came very close to his employees and the people of the Fort Worth.

The charitable works of Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles has been extremely generous in expressing his gratitude towards the people of Texas and their support. He is certain that Western Rim Property would not have been able to reach this height without the constant support of the people within the local community.

He has always been concerned about the less fortunate people of the country. A part of his business plan is to donate significant sum of money for several of reasons. He donates a huge sum to the inner city school so that they are able to update their computer system and are able provide for the programs of the school. A huge part of his earnings is donated to the people who are the sufferer of domestic abuse.

Marcus D Hiles, Ceo of western rim also shares the enthusiasm of protecting the environment. Through his business Marcus makes it point to save as many public green spaces as possible.

Marcus Hiles Wants Nothing the Best for His Amazing Properties

Marcus Hiles began his company, Western Rim Properties, with a simple aim. He wanted to make sure that the homes he built followed his strict criteria to ensure that they were of best quality. That is why he always goes after the best craftsmanship, skills, techniques and materials when building his properties. The homes and residences offered by Western Rim Properties are easily the best in their areas which is why they are sold as soon as they hit the market. People have come to expect quality when they see the Marcus Hiles name attached to a property.

Some of the best homes in the regions of Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio have been created by Marcus Hiles – community focused real estate from a true entrepreneur. Apart from innumerable affordable homes, Marcus is also known for the exquisite apartments which are meant for those discerning clients. In fact, his company is behind some of the most attractive condominium communities in Texas.

All of this has been made possible by Marcus Hiles who is an experienced property developer. He knows that to build signature homes that are luxurious and unique, one needs the perfect combination of the finest craftsmanship and the best materials.

Discerning buyers are enticed by his developments as they know they will be pleased with his work. While they have the ability to buy any property they desire, they always seem to go with the expertise offered by Western Rim Properties and Marcus Hiles. This only goes on to show the quality offered by Marcus Hiles – classic yet modern entrepreneur.

Marcus Hiles Continues to Give Back to the People of Texas

Western Rim Property Services, a real estate company worth over $1 billion in assets, is the brainchild of Marcus Hiles. Hiles is a true entrepreneur who built Western Rim from the ground up, with 7,500 properties and homeowner’s associations under his belt. Since a young child, Hiles has always wanted to give back to the people of his community, and one way is through his high quality low cost homes. Another way is by donating to those in need.

Marcus hiles is not just a well-known real estate giant, but a dedicated philanthropist who has already given millions to support both K-12 programs and higher education. He has also given to music and art programs, disadvantaged women’s programs, and even children’s hospitals throughout the state of Texas. But in order to get to this point, it took a lot of sweat equity.

He was raised by an inner city minister who taught him about good morals and having a strong work ethic. He was even told that it was important to give back to the community, sharing a little piece of the American Dream. His father told him that it was through hard work and never giving up that would truly give him success.

First, Marcus needed an education and received his Bachelors at Rice University and then his Masters in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. At the age of 28, he traveled home and began his long journey of building homes in the area. He remembers it being difficult at times and paying staff was sometimes a challenge. One of the things Hiles admits is sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house just to make ends meet. But he stuck to his guns and continued to build quality homes. It wasn’t until he developed a unique business model that was different from his competitors when he began to see amazing success.

By cutting out the expensive middleman – services that are typically contracted out for managing properties – Hiles was able to save a lot of money. Instead of pocketing his great returns, he poured it back into the properties to make them better. He added amenities with cutting-edge technology, such as infinity pools, spas, cafes, gyms, clubhouses, woodlots, and even golf courses, making the properties some of the most attractive in all of Texas. He didn’t stop there. He believed location was an important part of living, and made sure all his properties were built near good schools and jobs.

Marcus Hiles shows no signs of stopping and continues to give back to the people of Texas.